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Competition Reviews

The most recent Competition/Convention reviews:

  • We love FLY dance! Our girls are excited to shine on stage! The venue is fantastic, stage is great and staff are great!!

  • Great venue and excited to see the improv comp and all tge dances. Cute merch!

  • So far love the venue! Dressing room is huge. Like that I can purchase with my Venmo account.

  • We have previously attended this competition and had a great time. This year I found this competition to be very disappointing. There were multiple studios very clearly dancing their dancers down a level and the competition not only didn’t do anything about it but awarded those dancers with top placements. The judges feedback was not helpful and, at times, unkind. Overall a disappointing experience.

  • I was so excited to go this comp! It was run well and super organized. However the favoritism here was on another level towards one studio. Dances that were amazing with teqnique and filled with hard dance moves that were executed scored so low next to a studio that did not even point their toes or executed moves with bent knees, fell out of turns and continued to place with high scores over and over. Staff members were over heard talking badly about our studio. Stay away from here if you want fair judging or non bias overalls.

  • I love attending Fly Dance Competition each year. The crew and faculty are always so sweet throughout the entire weekend! Fly always makes sure to create an encouraging and safe atmosphere for their dancers and that is one of the things I love most. I am so excited and cannot wait to be coming back this year!!

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Vendor Reviews

The most recent Vendor reviews:

  • Because of the price I always tried to avoid it but when I finally gave in…. It is the best dance bag in the whole entire world. So much space. I love the many compartments inside. My daughter got the black sparkle and it’s stunning! It feels durable enough but will take care of it so we don’t need to purchase another one…. Make sure it fits in your car though, I got the large one and have no problems in my sub but barely fits in my car.

  • Dream Duffle has everything you need for competition season. Everything I have purchased from Dream Duffle is high quality. The customer service is wonderful and the shipping is super fast. I’m so happy I have found dream duffel!

  • Beautiful costumes that fit my girls well!

  • Affordable dancewear and accessories.

  • These are our favorite ballet slippers and tights!!!

  • Beautiful costumes and always fit my girls well!