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Competition Reviews

The most recent Competition/Convention reviews:

  • We attended this years Regionals and will be going to Nationals as well. I have to say the event was well organized and the girls (and boys) had a great time. They reminded the dancers that a trophy is not everything and as a parent it was great to hear. The staff were energetic and fun. I read some of the past reviews from many years ago and none of those are issues anymore.

  • We had a wonderful experience at Fly Competition! Organized, On Time, beautiful venue, kind staff and super awesome judges. The complete package. Thank you so much for giving my dancers such wonderful opportunities to shine. They will remember FLY with very fond memories!!!

  • We attended Fly Dance Competition in May. Very well organized. Everything was set up great! Beautiful stage, sweet and fun staff. The judges were awesome and so fun! They were dancing along to music and routines and it really made the dancers feel comfortable up on stage. Improv contest was another plus! Awards announcer was very upbeat and fun as well. We will be attending again for Nationals!

  • The competition director likes to explain at the beginning of awards, that she wanted to run a competition the way she would have liked to see competitions run as a studio owner herself. I have difficulty believing that as a studio director, you would want to see judges looking down, talking to each other and not paying attention for 3/4 of most dances, terrible venues and no organization in the competition so that at least divisions are dancing together. Everyone just dances Willy Nilly throughout the weekend. There are several awards ceremonies that are slow and dragged out, however there are no overall awards until the very end of the weekend. A 3 hour awards Sunday Night when everyone is exhausted and needs to go home. There’s a call back challenge, which would be fine if someone…. Anyone… would explain how they select who gets chosen, what they’re being called back for, and what exactly they’re winning. No organization on stage to make sure kids are sitting so they can actually get up to get awards, resulting in even SLOWER awards. So much confusion trying to get the right award to the right person. I’m sorry this was a mess.

  • First time at competition. Dance director was not friendly towards us. The judging was very inconsistent. There were males in and out of the quick change room which was ALSO one studio's room and the teacher's lounge. The judges went into that teachers lounge and talked freely with other studio owners during the competition. There were very biased and blatant favoritism with certain studios and the competition owner. We witnessed the owner cheering a certain studio and all their dancers on for EVERY dance but not for other studios. If that's not bias, I don't know what is. If you cannot treat every dance with that much respect, do not do it for any of them. I can say I will never bring any of my dancers back to this competition or recommend it to any other studio. Also, I thought it was pretty awful the kids that placed only for a certificate of they didn't get 1st or 2nd. They could have given out medals or something.

  • The Bay Area in California where this event was held, is home to MANY world famous tap dancers. This being said, it was rather disheartening to read that the Headliner judges had little to no tap judging experience and unfortunately it showed. After digging into this further, we were told by teachers in our tap dance community that also train with the local professional tap dancers, that they do not send their tappers to shows such as Headliners for this very reason. In addition, for an event this size, there should have been two stages going at the same time. How Headliners expects their judges to be able to fairly judge from 7am until 10:15pm is beyond my level of comprehension. The awards were rather disappointing as well. For an event this large, only giving placement awards to the top three was also very disappointing. Having been a studio instructor that has attended many shows, I can honestly say that the placement medals that our dancers received were poorly made. In fact, the medals were by far the cheapest ones we have ever seen. It seems to me that Headliners moto is to line their pockets first and then to serve their high paying customers later with the little that is left. Because of this, our studio will not be back next year. The music man was the best thing about Headliners. His energy and smile was infectious.

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Vendor Reviews

The most recent Vendor reviews:

  • We love DDS! Fast delivery, accurate sizing, great pricing, and helpful staff! Thank you for making my dancers always feel so beautiful.

  • Uproar Dance Competition is new and fresh and brings so much to the dance community!

  • Nick Curry Graphics was an absolute pleasure to work with. Nick created our Dance Competition logos and Ads. We gave him an idea of what we wanted and he brought it life. His designs were so amazing and creative that we could not decide on just one so we used both. He made any updates needed quickly and always responded to emails and calls. We look forward to working with Nick again. Backstage Competition

  • Jennifer is attentive and thoroughly understands all the important aspects of what parents, students and teachers need in a great venue. She helps us find the best places so we can truly give everyone the best experience possible. Thx Jenn!

  • I can't say enough about Jennifer Mobley and her team at Conference Direct. They are absolutely amazing to work with. Very responsive, professional and committed to their clients. I would highly recommend their services.

  • I have been working with Jennifer for some time now and she is truly one of a kind. She is extremely hardworking and very professional. It is always a pleasure to call her and it is a great feeling to know that any problem we may have Jennifer and her team have our back. I would highly recommend.