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Competition Reviews

The most recent Competition/Convention reviews:

  • Activate Your Artistry is amazing every time. Great owner, great teachers, great assistants and great environment! Thank you for an amazing event each time!

  • To whom it may concern i had some questions about an upcoming regional event. A Ms. Olivia Gregg answered the phone. She was amazing. She was engaging, friendly and very professional. She is truly an asset to Celebrity

  • My daughter and I really enjoyed AYA. It was a positive environment to learn and there were some different kind of dances not offered at other conventions. It was definitely worth the price. I do not know of anywhere where you can $30 for your child to do their solo.

  • This was a small competition but was very impressed with the staff. Very fair judging. My daughter had an embarrassing mishap and they were great with her and helped her feel comfortable.

  • The competition was ran well and the kids had fun. I don’t believe they were ahead or behind which was nice for us parents. Loved the banners that the teams got for overall placements. My kid had fun performing in the improv contest. The venue was nice and the dressing rooms were spacious, although there would bring a power strip next time if you need to utilize plug ins. We didn’t perform a solo at this competition but are signed up for one this year and we’re excited they are returning back to our area. Special notes**** As a mom of a SN dancer and first time experiencing competitions, I was super impressed/surprised with the fact they have a category for SN dancers. It introduced us to a whole new world of competitive dance that we didn’t know existed.

  • All over the place. From one overall awards ceremony to the next they can't remember which awards they already gave out and they re-do overall placements from the prior day. Only two talent divisions which would be fine if you didn't have kids doing 3-5 solos where they allow all of one dancer's solos to place in the overall. So in a top 10 you have the same two kids taking up 5-9 spots. Most competitions only allow one solo to place per dancer, which seems appropriate when you're blending intermediate and advanced dancers in one division.

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Vendor Reviews

The most recent Vendor reviews:

  • We love DDS! Fast delivery, accurate sizing, great pricing, and helpful staff! Thank you for making my dancers always feel so beautiful.

  • Uproar Dance Competition is new and fresh and brings so much to the dance community!

  • Nick Curry Graphics was an absolute pleasure to work with. Nick created our Dance Competition logos and Ads. We gave him an idea of what we wanted and he brought it life. His designs were so amazing and creative that we could not decide on just one so we used both. He made any updates needed quickly and always responded to emails and calls. We look forward to working with Nick again. Backstage Competition

  • Jennifer is attentive and thoroughly understands all the important aspects of what parents, students and teachers need in a great venue. She helps us find the best places so we can truly give everyone the best experience possible. Thx Jenn!

  • I can't say enough about Jennifer Mobley and her team at Conference Direct. They are absolutely amazing to work with. Very responsive, professional and committed to their clients. I would highly recommend their services.

  • I have been working with Jennifer for some time now and she is truly one of a kind. She is extremely hardworking and very professional. It is always a pleasure to call her and it is a great feeling to know that any problem we may have Jennifer and her team have our back. I would highly recommend.