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Competition Reviews

The most recent Competition/Convention reviews:

  • This was our first comp of the season and AMP really delivered an amazing event! The staff was very friendly, energetic and professional. We really loved the vibe and the “pay it forward” key chains they have for each dancer to give to a dancer from another studio that impressed them, moved them, or stood out. The teacher lounge was a nice treat to have a moment away from the kids/parents. Re’Sean the show director was amazing and engaging with the dancers, Envision Dance & Gymnastics will definitely coming back to AMP in the future.

  • Our team had a positive experience at FLY Dance. The team kept everything running smoothly and on time. My daughter’s second time at FLY!

  • At a comp where these judges are letting a select studio dance all their dancers in Novice when they are intermediated/advanced and no one can deny it. I think the worst part is they awarded them iconic dance awards on stage. Why would you award a studio who clearly does this? My daughter is advanced so this does not affect my child or our studio. I just think it’s in poor taste. These comps are a huge part of the problem and it’s time it stopped. You all have got to do better! Seating was horrible and tons of people had to stand. Won’t be back to this comp sadly.

  • Dance Expressions had a great time. The communication was fabulous. I felt for having 70ish acts there, that the ratings were varied and the Precision Award was saved for the very highest caliber routines as it should be. We had plenty of PAC attack call backs and challenges. We appreciated the time to change with the quick changes. This circuit is one of my kids favorites.

  • We attended the January 2024 convention in Rochester. It was our 3rd time and we always love it. Almost all the teachers are amazing and keep things fun for the dancers. The staff is extremely friendly, welcoming and organized! The only reason I’m giving 3 stars is the spectator passes. They’re way too expensive for us not to be able to have a seat to sit in while there are probably over 100 chairs in the room covered in the kids’ dance bags. It would be helpful if you could have staff make some rules around where to put your bags so that the spectators actually have a place to sit. We pay a lot for those wristbands.

  • This past dance competition in little rock was amazing but they put all our dances within 2-3 of each other, not giving us much time to get yourself ready to do another dance.

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Vendor Reviews

The most recent Vendor reviews:

  • Dream Duffle has everything you need for competition season. Everything I have purchased from Dream Duffle is high quality. The customer service is wonderful and the shipping is super fast. I’m so happy I have found dream duffel!

  • Beautiful costumes that fit my girls well!

  • Affordable dancewear and accessories.

  • These are our favorite ballet slippers and tights!!!

  • Beautiful costumes and always fit my girls well!

  • Our large white sparkle changing station is my oldest daughters favorite bag! She loves the built in rack and curtain. This duffle was a lifesaver once she added on more competition classes and dances. It wheels in so easily too!