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Mar 10 2016

I dont know what the previous review was talking about. This event STARTED the dance competition industry. You can even find them on wikipedia! MDDTUSA is the only national dance competition that is actually trademarked by the U.S. Library of Congress as America\'s U.S. Nationals for dance team and drill teams (dance studios too). Teams from all over the country compete at this event, and even the world! Have you very heard of Miss Dance Drill Team International? You better google it and learn your dance competition history because this one is a class act! It\'s also a non-profit 501c3 organization and I love being able to write off these competition fees, merchandise, apparel, and even spectator tickets! Totally legit and you won\'t find anything classier and more affordable! Dr. Kay Crawford started this event and she is a legend in the dance world, having started the \"dance team\" concept in the 1920\'s!!! Learn people! Y\'all are missing out if you don\'t put this one on your calendar.

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Miss Dance Drill Team USA

Jun 10 2014

This competition is very poorly organized and is highly political. I have been to several of their competitions and the dancers at the studio with the most pull and most money invested won each time, even when it was obvious that others danced better. The critiques given are not detailed, either. I would skip this one unless you are a big studio taking all your teams.

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Miss Dance Drill Team USA