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May 22 2017

We just returned from their competition in Wheeling, West Virginia(second weekend event) for the first time and had a great weekend! Positive atmosphere, nice dressing areas, nice awards, great staff, judging seemed appropriate. It was held at a very nice theatre, but had some issues. The roof was leaking, ON THE STAGE, but this isn't the fault of the competition, obviously. There wasn't really much backstage space, very crowded. Those are really my only complaints from the weekend. Other than that, the venue was very nice, just needs some maintenance. Great location and very easy to find! Scheduling was nice and easy, they ran about an hour behind at one point, but they worked hard to get back on schedule, and they did! Overall, great weekend, will probably go back some time in the future!

Venue : 3
Judging : 5
Staff : 5
Awards : 5
Communication : 5
Believe National Dance Competition

Mar 08 2017

Out of all the number of competition I've gone, from Encore, ShowStoppers, Hall of Fame, State Dance, Inspire, etc... This was the WORST dance competition I've ever gone to. They may have taken away trophies and overall categories from our hard working dancers, but what they couldn't take away was their Gifts and Talents. Our dancers are going to continue to SHINE They are VERY unfair and show GREAT favoritism. Even other studios saw and approached our parents and dancers with the concern on how this competition mistreated our dancer and underscored their performance

Venue : 1
Judging : 1
Staff : 1
Awards : 1
Communication : 1
Believe National Dance Competition