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May 17 2017

In general we've liked the DX competition events. Disappointed they did away with the free pictures this year. They gave out a free drawstring bag instead, and if they are reading this they could save their money. That is the last thing my kids need, is another drawstring bag. Also disappointed in the awards. For example, for a duo/trio, the winners get a tiara and jacket and a banner, which is great for them. But second place literally gets nothing but a piece of paper that I could have printed out on my laser printer. It would be nice if the awards were maybe a little more proportional to each other. It's kind of a bummer seeing some who got 1st get a jacket, etc. for being the only ones in their category, but someone who got 2nd out of several groups not getting anything. I was a little disappointed to see them not ready at this comp...they were still putting down the flooring on the stage when the comp was supposed to be starting. But they did get back on schedule and the rest of the weekend seemed to run smoothly.

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Aug 06 2015

Loved how they stayed on schedule, had lots of awards session through the day (instead of waiting until the end), and had great judges. They do lots of extras for the dancers too like free PHOTOS! I hope we go back.

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