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May 26 2023

The competition director likes to explain at the beginning of awards, that she wanted to run a competition the way she would have liked to see competitions run as a studio owner herself. I have difficulty believing that as a studio director, you would want to see judges looking down, talking to each other and not paying attention for 3/4 of most dances, terrible venues and no organization in the competition so that at least divisions are dancing together. Everyone just dances Willy Nilly throughout the weekend. There are several awards ceremonies that are slow and dragged out, however there are no overall awards until the very end of the weekend. A 3 hour awards Sunday Night when everyone is exhausted and needs to go home. There’s a call back challenge, which would be fine if someone…. Anyone… would explain how they select who gets chosen, what they’re being called back for, and what exactly they’re winning. No organization on stage to make sure kids are sitting so they can actually get up to get awards, resulting in even SLOWER awards. So much confusion trying to get the right award to the right person. I’m sorry this was a mess.

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New York State Dance Challenge
May 26 2023