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Jul 09 2020

Parents of young female dancers please watch out and beware. The male owner is known to prey on young female dancers. He comes off very nice and respectful but behind the scenes is very creepy and unprofessional. As a mother of two dancers who are between the ages of 15 and 17, I am very concerned on ever allowing my children to attend this competition or even convention. This male will go on social media outlets - instagram and snap chat, and contact young girls. He will like their pictures and make inappropriate comments. FOR example messaging my daughter on snap chat telling her how beautiful she is with the fire emoji next to it. NOT ACCEPTABLE for a grown man to ever do! I was absolutely sickened that any grown adult would even think to interact with a child this way. I do have the screen shot and I will take further action if he does not stop. As an adult you do not do these types of things and as a business owner HE should know better. I have been so upset over this that I did go to my studio owner and told her if we ever plan to go back to the competition I will pull my children from the studio. Good thing my studio owner totally agreed that this kind of behavior is disgraceful. My studio owner and the rest of the parents are all well aware of what has gone on. INFACT another dancer, (another 17 year old female) said that this MALE has been known "to be extremely friendly" with young dancers around the ages of 15-17. The competition was ok, but it is not going to last if this kind of behavior continues. This kind of stuff can lead to serious legal issues. The male owner needs to learn how to be professional and stop contacting young female dancers who are not of the legal age. Our studio will never be back to this competition and we will continue to tell as many studio owners as possible about this male owner preying on young girls!

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All Out Dance Competition
Jul 09 2020